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2013-11-12 23:27:22 by Smexy6635

made another art thing

More Art!

2013-10-22 18:36:45 by Smexy6635

I think i am getting better... Hard to use a mouse to draw on a pillow :\.


2013-10-21 19:56:53 by Smexy6635

I made my first art... It's... :( BAD although i did it in 5 minutes.


2013-10-10 19:46:25 by Smexy6635

I made a screenshot in madness scene creator 5, by F1Krazy!



2013-08-07 17:34:39 by Smexy6635

I don't go on newgrounds much because I can't animate or make art. Though if somebody could help I could. So if you can help please tell me!

Do da

2013-05-17 00:53:05 by Smexy6635

do da


2012-12-09 15:10:07 by Smexy6635

I'm bored, I don't even know why I make posts cuz I don't make anything... But I have fans :)



2012-10-13 22:03:40 by Smexy6635

I have nothing to say, because i have no fans :( ...Because i dont even go to ng that much anymore...I play steam games. Jesus i just looked at my old reviews and realized how much of an asshole i was


2012-04-18 23:02:23 by Smexy6635

Hia there...And happy easter, I'm late for the 2nd year in a row. Now I was going to do it on time but I needed to do something with my account. Besides i don't even make games so i don't know why i should be making posts.If you do stumble upon this channel / account there wont be anything here. All i needed to do was say happy Easter.


2012-02-08 18:16:42 by Smexy6635

I love this new look to newgrounds! It looks so smexy!